Your Inner Hero

A few weeks back I was driving along and a song came on the radio that got my brain thinking. In the song, “Superheroes”, by The Script, one line says, “turn your pain into power”.  What a great definition of a real superhero!  If you’re not into Superheroes, then at least take some time to connect with your … More Your Inner Hero

Put Your Mind in Service to Your Higher Self…and Other Wisdom From Martha Beck — Martha Beck

Thank you, Martha! Task Six: Let Your Meta-Self Flow Through You Task Hello, beloved readers! If you’ve been following along—or if you’ve read my recent book, which is finally out and about in the world—you know it’s time to learn the Sixth Task of Bewilderment (pronounced “be-wilder-ment”). It’s all part of the process of waking … More Put Your Mind in Service to Your Higher Self…and Other Wisdom From Martha Beck — Martha Beck

Happy May!

Happy May Day to you, my friends!  Last month we talked about April showers, so it’s only fitting to chat about May flowers this month. May Day is celebrated on May 1st as a spring holiday. I personally celebrate May 1st as the birth of my second son. But, to keep with the theme of May flowers, according to … More Happy May!

Think Fearless

There is no such thing as a life without fear. When we understand the fear that comes and go in our life and we learn how to deal with and use it, it changes us. It protests us and strengthen us. Focus on the positive side of what could be!

Just Chill

Experiencing autumn in the Ozark Mountains is an experience like no other. Every year these mountains make the list of places to see in the fall. The view in late October is simply breathtaking. Even with being surrounded with such beauty I can often become narrow focused and instead of seeing what is happening around … More Just Chill


Recently, one of my life coaching clients was struggling with negative thoughts. As we spoke, he realized that he kept connecting his current struggles to his past, to old issues he hasn’t worked through. “He who doesn’t look ahead, remains behind.” — Proverbs We concluded that although his history and his upbringing are a huge part of who he … More CHOICES

The Waiting Game

The changes you need are forward. Each day is a forward. With patients, continue to move in the direction of forward.   Jessie Rex When there is something I am truly willing to change and I know I’m ready, it can be frustrating to have to wait. I feel like I’m waiting in long line … More The Waiting Game


Sometimes the only thing holding us back is that we simply don’t believe we can do it. Don’t fall into that trap. You are capable of doing so much and amazingly great things. By eliminating the apostrophe ‘t’ (‘t) you can achieve what you believe! Change I can’t to I can!