Mom, You’re Doing Just Fine

Giving birth to a child makes you a mother. But, just giving birth does not makezahed-ahmad-1151510-unsplash you mom. What does it take to be a mom? Not a mother, but a mom. A mom is not defined by a woman and her child. Moms come in a beautiful array of people who love their children or, children life has gifted them with or, their pets, that make life so much sweeter.

Moms are those people who have a special place in their heart and soul for another being. That part in their heart that always has children or animals on their mind. A mom is always thinking and loving another. The part in their heart that is willing to sacrifice sleep, time, resources, and strength for the ones who are so precious to them.  Moms carry in sasha-sashina-1161646-unsplashtheir soul the weight of the emotional and mental health for their children.

A mom understands that her life is not her own. Although a healthy mom will not neglect her health over another, she understands where her priorities stand. A mom’s children will know they are loved beyond measure without words. It’s all you do that change the life of your child and help to create in them that which they are becoming. That is your gift; your superpower.

Stop worrying that you’re not getting it right. Our lives are created by experiences and moments. We learn as we go and we learn as they grow. We have sleepless nights, and frozen dinners, sick kids, stained clothes, dirty laundry, messy rooms, late appointments, and the list can go on and on. And, you know what? It’s all okay. You’re doing just fine. Above and beyond of all that you get done and what you don’t get done is being there and just loving the little beings you’ve been given. For all those things you feel you’re failing, are so many more things that you’re slaying and getting so right.

We get so busy at times that we lose sight of just how our children or pets look to us to help them to develop into who they are becoming. We are a teacher, spiritual guide, medicine man, the magician, a baker, a wizard, the star-guide, the designer, trainer, a fighter, healer, therapist, musician, dreamer, writer, traveler, artist, cook, the CEO, banker, and taxi driver. You were gifted with these titles the day you became a mom.alexander-dummer-150646-unsplash

You know your family and how to guide them. What you don’t know, you learn as you go. Your family may function best as a tight-ship, while others work best as a pirate ship. Or, maybe you’re more like the Love Boat. As the captain, no one knows the crew like you, and you know where and how to sail.

There is no perfect mom. We would have no good mom stories for our kids to tell if we did. We’re all a work in progress. I know you worry, it’s what moms do. But, you are truly a rock star. If you need to take a moment and lock yourself in the bathroom and eat nathan-anderson-157614-unsplashchocolate, then lock that door! Need a pint of ice-cream in the closet? You get that pint and enjoy that duo, Ben & Jerry. If you need to take a time-out and cry in the SUV, get the soft, lotion Kleenex. How about a glass of wine under your desk? Don’t you dare feel guilty, my dear. Every rock star needs to let it all out. That’s why we have heavy metal.

You are more than a housekeeper and a mother. You are a MOM! You look at all you got and you own it with all your might. How blessed are you to have the universe give you the most precious things on earth to care for? You, most glorious being, you rule the world, and you are the world to those you guide.

Have the most wonderful Mother’s Super Star Day ever (and wear the rock star boots!).













Photo by Zahed Ahmad on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash
Photo by Sasha Sashina on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash


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