Press Send

I am texting a friend and we are chatting about our children and how the years go by. While I wait for a response, I scroll through all the names in my text inbox. I see the names of all four of my boys, my best friends, the people in my life I completely adore, new friends, and co-workers. I’m suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude of how blessed I am. These small daily gestures of correspondence tell me that others are thinking about me and me of them. I cherish and need all those in my list. Even the one or two I questioned giving my number to. These people keep my humble. I silently thank those who send me something funny right when I needed it. I thank those who send me a reminder so I would be on time. I thank my boys who send me a text always making my heart smile. I so wish often that I could see my cherished people in person, or even call. But part of living an island life out in the Pacific puts some restrictions on this. It may be odd to be so thankful for a phone and technology, but for me it’s so much more. It is the bridge that allows me the communication to all those who make up my village, my physical and spiritual part of life. The texting and calls have become a tool that constantly reminds me how truly blessed I am, I’m never truly alone, and I am loved. So, when I say this Thanksgiving how thankful I am for my cell phone, I am saying how thankful I am for all those who stay connected and in my thoughts. The only legacy we really leave behind is in our relationships. Nothing in this life really matters more than what we have with another person. If you’d like to stay connected with me, just ask for my number. Nothing makes someone’s day more than an unexpected hello. And, in the words of Stevie Wonder, “I just called to say I love you”, will always be my favorite call. 

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