Happy May!

Happy May Day to you, my friends! 

Last month we talked about April showers, so it’s only fitting to chat about May flowers this month.

May Day is celebrated on May 1st as a spring holiday. I personally celebrate May 1st as the birth of my second son. But, to keep with the theme of May flowers, according to theholidayspot.com the Romans devoted this time of the year to the worship of Flora, the goddess of flowers. 

In a week we will celebrate Mother’s Day and flowers are always a good gift idea. 

I’m sure many of you are enjoying the beauty of all kinds of flowers and blooms as we go into May. I love seeing the photos my friends post on social media of life in bloom in an array of colors. 

The beautiful flowers here on the Big Island are one of my most favorite things about Hawaii. The colors and beauty sometimes make me speechless! It’s common to see ladies with a flower in her hair for no special occasion, even a few guys will stick a flower by his ear. This always makes me smile. 

Think about your favorite flower and either go find one, search for a photo online, or have your child or friend draw or paint you one. Always have a flower in your view. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, “The earth laughs in flowers.” Be sure to take part in the joy! 

Photos I took this spring here in Hawaii…            




                     Aloha! Peace and love.



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