Just Chill

56a541cf104e334fbecb89bb6a97d2adExperiencing autumn in the Ozark Mountains is an experience like no other. Every year these mountains make the list of places to see in the fall. The view in late October is simply breathtaking.

Even with being surrounded with such beauty I can often become narrow focused and instead of seeing what is happening around me, I start to feel anxious when I think in just a month the weather will be turning very cold. I, like many others, do not like the feeling of being cold. So much so as when the leaves begin to change, I start mentally preparing myself for what is to come.

I do realize that this sounds a little crazy. It also make me think and start to turn inward to examine other areas of my life that I give too much permission to take over my thoughts. This is what leads to worry and stress. One thing that I have little patients with in my life is stress and worry constantly going on. If I find that I am having these feelings for more than a few days, then I know it is time to take action.

Here are a few of my action plans:

Evaluate – What exactly am I worried about? Am I simply creating stress due to fear of the unknown? If I am creating an issue over something that hasn’t happened yet, then I am wasting valuable energy. You can deal with facts as they happen and they are usually way less complicated then what I create in my mind.

Work with the Facts – When you know what you are dealing with then knowledge is power. I remember hearing this phrase when I was younger and I would just roll my eyes. Now that I am older, I roll those eyes back where they belong! When you have an understanding of what is happening you can develop a much better action plan! Not sure what to do about something? Research and find out as much about it as possible. You will be pleasantly surprised how much easier it is to make a plan.

Make a Plan – Sure we need an end point and solution in mind, but we often just want to get there and use so much energy forcing our way to that point. However, if you start from where you are and make a plan, one step at a time, you get to that end point in a more direct path. Sometimes we can’t figure out the entire plan, but all you really need to know is what is your very next step. Just like when Indiana Jones took his first step of faith in The Last Crusade, after that initial step the path was revealed. Not sure of the entire plan yet? Just put on your fedora and take one step at time.

Get Over Yourself – Last, but not least, there are times that I feel stressed because I am not getting my way. If the situation is simply a matter of ego, then well, I just need to get over myself! Life is not all about me. There are a lot of other people in my life. There are also a lot of others who are in a similar situation (or like me, do not like the cold). I may feel that I am on the iceberg alone, but the fact is, we’re all in this together. When you see that with the right eyes you realize we have true alias in our own little world and that is enough to keep me warm.

So bring it on, fall! I’ll put on my sweater and just chill by the fire. I’m ready to see your spectacular show of color burst in these Ozark Mountains.


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