I Feel Like 17

My new favorite song is “Brand New by Ben Rector. It’s a good feeling song that makes my heart and soul smile.

Before I heard “Brand New”, while talking and really listening to a friend,  I watched their expressions as they spoke. For some reason, at that moment, it made me think about what they were like when they were 17. I found it amusing, charming and felt as if I have known them for a long time.  This happened again speaking with another friend. I observed their expressions and feelings and how they use their words as looked into their eyes. Although, I visually was seeing them around my age, I was also seeing a teenager speaking to me. I then spent some time to think about how I feel when I’m with other people and when I’m alone. Something occurred to me, we are all really just 17.

17 is the stage in life where we’re not a child and yet not an adult yet. We are in the process of learning, living and just enjoying life.  We like to be with our friends, to laugh and have fun. That’s who we still are today, but with responsibilities, situations, circumstances and other areas of life seem to take over or consume us. At moments we forget what it’s like when we were 17. We don’t ever get older than 17, we change only in that we add knowledge, wisdom and experience to our 17-year-old self.

Our bodies, of course, like to remind us we certainly are not 17 anymore as we continue to age. Our hair gets gray and thinner, our skin wrinkles, and we may need aids to hear and see better.  But, our core self is still 17.

I know a precious lady into her 80’s and  I love her eyes. They are so shiny and sparkle. Her body has aged, but her eyes-the windows to her soul- are young.  She’s still 17 inside, but her body and her mind have continually to grow and change through the years. When you want to see someone’s 17 emerge, watch them when they talk about a passion or something/someone they love or a precious memory.

My new challenge, when things get too serious or I have a tendency to work too much, I make myself wonder what my 17-year-old self would do. How would I handle the same situation at 17, but now with more knowledge remaining the fun person who realizes we’re not supposed to take life too serious? In the song when he says “I feel like 17”, not only do I want to relate but, I want it to be a reminder the way I want to live. I want to share love and life with all those around me. I will be excited for what’s to come, worry less, enjoy the moments, laugh with my friends, love my family, go on adventures and just be me.  We can always take the time to recall how to feel 17 again. That make us feel brand new!

And if you need a little inspiration check out one of my favorite movies that came out years ago called, 17 Again. It’s a fun movie with a great little life lesson.

Here’s to you and being forever 17.                                          “Brand New” – Ben Rector 

NOW: Fabulous age still feeling 17 with BBF’s.


THEN: Age 17 with my big red hair and my BFF’s. 

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