About Jessie

On set with Will Arnett on LEGO Masters season 1, on FOX TV Network. Can be watched on Hulu.

Jessie is a certified Master Life Coach, interim office manager,  and works in the medical field. She loves to help people set goals and accomplish them. Highly integrated with her coaching, she teaches about living a healthy and active life.

She has had the incredible experience of appearing on the Fox TV Network hit show, LEGO Masters, Season 1 with her life-long friend Kara Fletcher. 

After homeschooling four boys, Jessie reinvented her life, following her passion for life coaching and management. She resides on the Big Island of Hawaii. She has been in health care on and off for 20+ years. She is working hard on her book, Twelve Months, Four Seasons and One Fabulous Life. She loves to help people to find and fulfill their “soul” purpose

Jessie helps clients with coaching as well as with office assistance and interim office management.


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It’s a sweet life!

I wish you peace and love!


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Listen to my interview on the Ozark Harvest Radio Hour.


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