Your Inner Hero

A few weeks back I was driving along and a song came on the radio that got my brain thinking. In the song, “Superheroes”, by The Script, one line says, “turn your pain into power”.  What a great definition of a real superhero! 

If you’re not into Superheroes, then at least take some time to connect with your inner hero. Did you know that not only do you know heroes, but you are one also! 

When you reflect back on your life and personal experiences you realize that difficult times and hard lessons have taught you to turn your pain into power. When it comes down to the life changing moments, it’s what we do with those painful moments that determines our direction. We can either focus on the pain (and do take you time to feel it and understand it) or we can take control of it and realize we have the power to make the choice for the next move. 

Thankfully we have heroes in our everyday life. Those people who go above and beyond, who battle sickness, who defend the weak, who are caregivers for the elderly, teachers, medical professionals, military, those who selflessly look after us and the list goes on. When we see these people and they touch our life, we are never the same. 

But, you, yes YOU, are a hero. You inspire and encourage others by just being you. You are deeply loved my many. Those precious people watch you. Even in our failures we are loved and when we turn that pain into power, that’s when we learn to fly. Nothing is more inspiring than to watch someone soar. 

Think of someone who is your superhero. Send them a note this month letting them know what they mean to you. Better yet, let me know and I will post who your superhero is for our June Superhero month on my Facebook page! Grab your cape and let’s fly together and change some lives. 

Peace and love (and Power)

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