I Feel Like 17

My new favorite song is “Brand New“ by Ben Rector. It’s a good feeling song that makes my heart and soul smile. Before I heard “Brand New”, while talking and really listening to a friend,  I watched their expressions as they spoke. For some reason, at that moment, it made me think about what they were like … More I Feel Like 17

Think Fearless

There is no such thing as a life without fear. When we understand the fear that comes and go in our life and we learn how to deal with and use it, it changes us. It protests us and strengthen us. Focus on the positive side of what could be!


Sometimes the only thing holding us back is that we simply don’t believe we can do it. Don’t fall into that trap. You are capable of doing so much and amazingly great things. By eliminating the apostrophe ‘t’ (‘t) you can achieve what you believe! Change I can’t to I can!

Choose Wisely

Choose your relationships wisely, not based on how you feel at the moment. Our feelings change like waves in the ocean. Relationships are precious. Choose them on how they can challenge you and make you better. Choose them on how you can be a positive asset to the relationship.

Blogging today

Just wanted everyone to know that I’ve made a few changes to my website with a few more still to come. This site will now be an umbrella for all the others. Some are ready for you to  explore while others are still in the planning stages. My goal is simple, segment each of my…

Que Sera, Sera

Resolutions require a change. Unless we’re talking money, the word change does not conjure up any great feelings. It kind of ranks up there with the word work. I took a step back, looking within myself at what has worked and what hasn’t in the past.  I have come up with solutions on how to … More Que Sera, Sera