Mountainburg Library by Mimi Martin

As a former Librarian and lover of books, I wanted to pass this blog on.

Mimi Martin Stories

Nestled in a scenic, wooded valley of the beautiful Boston Mountains in the small picturesque town of Mountainburg, Arkansas is a brown rustic building.  The 8-bay structure once served as a parking garage to store equipment for the National Forrest Service.  In 1999, the old building became the Mountainburg Public Library.  Today, large oak and hickory trees, like silent watchmen and caretakers, stand and guard the Library and its unimaginable treasures within.

mouontainburg1 When you walk through the main entrance there is a warm, quiet peace, followed by a genuine welcoming smile from the Director, Sue Yount; this is your passport to this special place of knowledge and wonder.  Rows and rows of neatly arranged bookcases with old and new books, all shapes, sizes, and colors, fill the main room; each book with its own identifying number based on the Dewey Decimal system, waiting to be read by curious readers.  In…

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