Que Sera, Sera

Resolutions require a change. Unless we’re talking money, the word change does not conjure up any great feelings. It kind of Coffeeranks up there with the word work.

I took a step back, looking within myself at what has worked and what hasn’t in the past.  I have come up with solutions on how to make these changes. Yes, wine may or may not be involved.

In life there are things that naturally change, such as the weather, our bodies, and our thought processes as we age. Other changes occur due to circumstances beyond our control. Ideally, we want the changes that we control.  Funny though, even when changes are made of our own choosing, they can still be extremely difficult. So why change? Good question. Change at its best is hard and at its worst unbearably life altering, like the moment you discover you can no longer button your favorite pair of jeans. However, without change we cannot become who we are meant to be; fulfilled and happy.

From the moment we are born we begin to grow. That growing process never ends. We are either growing physically, spiritually, or mentally our entire lives or at least we were created for continual growth. When we grow we develop a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Once we set a goal and accomplish that, we should have a desire to develop into that person we were created to be. When we don’t continue these growth processes is when we fall back into old habits and live unsatisfying lives.

Unfortunately, that road to happy usually detours through rough and tough terrain. Change can challenge us with a new beginning or force us to cope with an ending. Is it really worth it? Absolutely!

Here is one lesson I’ve learned. Change WILL happen with or without my permission. Just like everyone else, I make choices every single day of my life. I like to be in control of my circumstances, but there will be many times I will not have that option. The lesson that has come with age is to not fight this process.  Que, sara, sara.

Wisdom is the understanding that there are things, people, and situations that you cannot control. You can want something with great desire and determination, but that alone will not make it go your way. We need to understand the point at which we must cut the rope–if the knot can’t be undone–and let it go; or let it change as it must. I look back at all the time and energy I have wasted on situations that had no chance of changing and I ended up having to move on anyway down the road. If I could have all that time back, I’d take more naps.

We’re well aware that change is happening all around us. It is a nonstop continual fact of life. From the moment we’re born to the moment we leave this body, we experience changes. Some happen quickly, almost instantly, and others take years. The agonizing part is the changes that require great patience.

But you know what? You’ve got this. Your patience has been tried before and you made it out alive. I’d say there’s a good chance you can make those changes and still smile to tell the story.

Make 2015 the year you look back on to tell of all the positive changes you made in your life and made your dreams possible!

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