Your Love Meter

two-park-o-meter-parking-meter-one-hour-limit-wingsdomain-art-and-photographyDid you know you have a love meter? Just like when you see that stranger wondering around your yard once a month to read your electric meter, you have a love meter that needs monitoring. 

An electric meter tells you how much electricity you are using. In exchange for some coins, a parking meter will keep track of time, allowing you to park in a particular spot for a small fee without a fine. As long as you don’t run out of time.

What about this love meter? How does it work and what does it do? As humans we have this grand capacity to show and give love. We do not always have to feel love to know that it is there inside of us. Just like we know that our electric meter is spinning even if we don’t see it doing it. The electric company is good at keeping us informed. Our love meter is like a parking meter. We need love deposits to make us tick. The unique thing about our love meter is we get deposits by actually giving away love. 

We all have our moments of not feeling like giving love or that we are being loved. Those days will happen. We are going to feel at our best when we have a fast-paced and happy meter and not so great when our meters are running slow or empty. So how do we know?

A low or empty love meter will leave you feeling:

  • Lonely
  • Tired – feel expired
  • Withdrawn
  • Grumpy
  • Fearful
  • Waste time

These are indicators that  your meter is running low and that deposits need to be made.

Ways to make deposits into your meter to feel your best:

  • Be thankful! 
  • Share
  • Be energized 
  • Cherish our time
  • Do a task for someone else
  • Express gratitude

When you do some of all of these simple examples, you will feel your love increasing. 

It is not a mistake that I mentioned gratitude twice in my list. A thankful heart and a person who expresses gratitude for people and things they have in their life can fill their love meter up quick and fully. Gratitude causes us to want to do the other things on that list without even much thought. Our inner core feels its best when we share and give. You can’t truly share when your love meter is low. That only leads to more tiredness, which leads to grumpy, which leads to…you get my point. 

It’s a perfect time of the year to check your love meter. How are feeling? Which list most represents you right now? No need to worry about overfilling your love meter. It’s kind of a magic thing. Kind of like this time of the year. 

I leave you with some encouragement to feel the joy of expressing your gratitude and be sure to keep a check on your love meter! Which reminds me to check and see if my cute meter reader is single! 

Happy November to you! 

One thought on “Your Love Meter

  1. I especially like your tips to share, and to do something for someone else. These actions have pulled me out of loneliness and anxiety every time! Counting my blessings, well, that’s a wonderful thing; I like to start with clean air and water. Wonderful post, Jessie!

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