Be & Share

The ultimate goal of each Life Coach is to help our clients reach goals and realize their full potentials of who they can be. Each Life Coach is also a unique person with their own coaching styles. That’s why it is a good idea to check out different coaches, if, after a few visits, you feel your current coach doesn’t quite ‘fit’.

I want to give you an idea of my style on Life Coaching. I would like the opportunity to work with you.
Like most coaches, I start with, “What are your goals?”, “What is it that you need and want?”, “Where is your life right now and where do you see it going or you want it to go?”, “What results would you like to see from coaching, or what is your ‘Be’?”, “Where would you like to be?”, “Who do you want to be?”, “What changes do you want to see?” Once you know what your ‘Be’s’ are, we can together map out a plan to get there and what steps to take along the way to reach your goals.

We all give thought to what we want to be or who we are becoming.  If you were to fill in the blank, “I want to be…….”, what would it say? Our happiness comes from living a fulfilled life and being able to be what we want and need to be.

Here are some of those Be’s’:

  • be passionate
  • be your passion
  • be what YOU want to be
  • be kind
  • be loyal
  • be trustworthy
  • be you and only you
  • be thoughtful
  • be generous
  • be exceedingly happy
  • be thankful
  • be grateful
  • be aware
  • be open-minded
  • be openhearted
  • be honest

I think another part of living happy, is sharing who we are and what we have. We can share at any time, but I believe once we have our personal ‘Be’s‘ in order and we are on our true path, we are able to share more fully, completely open and free. It won’t feel like a struggle, sacrifice, and will actually be a part of happiness!

Some of the ‘Shares’ are:

  • share your dreams
  • share your goals
  • share your time
  • share your love
  • share your mind
  • share your soul
  • share the best of you
  • share your resources
  • share your happiness
  • share your joys
  • share your talents
  • share your skills
  • share your wealth

It’s just one of those funny things about life. We somehow grow up thinking we have limits on who we are or what we can do. When we can change that thought pattern and break out and into our dreams, passions, and goals, we become a happy and fulfilled person. Then, we are able to share what we’ve learned and what we know. In turn, we help bring about joy in others. We want to share! It’s truly a wonderful circle of life when we learn how to take control of the wheel and go around that circle the way we were meant to go! It would be my pleasure to help you  Be & Share.

Jessie Rex



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