Perfect Timing

We tell God, or the universe, or karma, to use us, then we get upset because we don’t like the assignment. Guess what? It doesn’t work that way. When you become the instrument or chosen to be the tool to implement help, you get to do the hard stuff. The instrument takes the pressure, gets turned upside down, inconvenienced, and used. Think about tools, instruments, objects that are needed to get things done. Surgical instruments, musical instruments, sports balls, mechanic tools, cooking utensils, office supplies, etc. The person supplies the manual labor, but it’s the tools and instruments that do and accomplish the task. When we are open heart and mind to help others we are touching into our higher self. We truly start to see the bigger picture. When the instrument combines with the user, beautiful things evolve. When we start to see this, we become calm and realize that the universe is working to our highest calling.

We wonder why things take so long to come to fruition or our prayers answered. We pexels-photo-346768.jpegcan’t see what goes on behind the scenes. Often, it’s about timing and others who are willing to be instrumental in answers. Next time you are inconvenienced in a situation, think about how what you’re doing could possibly really benefit someone else. Something as small as letting someone go ahead of you in a line, being delayed in traffic, taking a day off to help someone, making a call. You are a stepping stone in a wonderful big picture journey for someone. I can guarantee someone else out there, possibly a complete stranger is doing or saying or participating in something that is going to help you and your journey for your goals.

Be careful what you ask for. Do not ask to be used for greater good or share your gifts and talents if you are not willing to do so whole-heartedly. It will be uncomfortable, cost you resources, and could involve heartache. However, once you dive in and see it through, you will see that not only have you made someone else’s life much better, but you will not be the same. Your heart will expand, your soul will be at peace, and you will know a love deeper for other life. For our only true legacy, we leave behind is what we give, share, and impress upon others. Your actions and choices are the only real thing you have control over.

Are you ready for a life of great meaning and purpose? Then, I encourage you to embrace patience and open up to the task placed before you. The task that are joyful as well as the ones that are hard work, will both bring you to a rewarding and peaceful life. You will discover what is truly important in life. It always comes back to love.

Much Aloha,

Jessie xoxo

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