The Waiting Game

The changes you need are forward. Each day is a forward. With patients, continue to move in the direction of forward.   Jessie Rex

coffeeWhen there is something I am truly willing to change and I know I’m ready, it can be frustrating to have to wait. I feel like I’m waiting in long line holding the number ninety-eight, and number three was just called. This can make me feel impatient.

I have acquired a little more patience, now that I’m older. There are reasons why things do not change as quickly as we want them to. On more than one occasion if I would have waited for just a short time on a few purchases I could have saved a lot of money!

We don’t want just any change; we want the RIGHT change to complete us, so we can fulfill our lives. At times, that very thing that kept us from having the right change that we needed was our impatience. There are times that are impatience cost us our good mood, other times, it can cost us a relationship or lots of money.

What is your patience level when it comes to making changes? Do  you need to count to 10 a little more often, or are you the personality that could use a little kick in the rear to get moving a little quicker. Aim for a nice balance of patience and at that pace you can see and appreciate the changes.

Today’s Fabulous Thought ~

I remember a time when I was particularly patient and I will re-live that feeling this week.  6a0133ec87bd6d970b0168eb172ca0970c-500wiPicture from Global Toy News 


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