Web Design & Social Media Management

I’m here to help you share yourself to the world! Together we will set you a budget, develop your brand, and discover what your goals are for being online.

Jessie’s Starter or Update Package ~

  • Basic website design

Includes 5 tab pages (includes drop-down menu), theme, your content and graphic input, social media widget, as well as transferring your domain name to new site.

Additional Services You May Want ~

  • Social Media content scheduling 
  • Social Media content creator 
  • Website On-call Maintenance 


Website Design ~

Below is a list of some basic website necessities. 

  • Domain name registration
  • SSL certificate—more expensive certificates add higher levels of trustworthiness
  • Hosting
  • Development Tools/Templates
  • Design, including page layouts and graphic design
  • Maintenance (depends largely on how well-designed the site is)
  • Payment processing (a higher percentage on sales means a lower monthly fixed charge)


Special Needs and Features ~

Below is a list add-ons and special features you may want for your site:

  • Site membership and registration 
  • Multimedia features like Flash and video
  • Forums or chat rooms
  • News feeds of both your content (outgoing) and adding content to the site (incoming) 
  • Contact forms and surveys  (plus the cost of form or survey program)
  • Email addresses for the domain and auto-responders 
  • Newsletters 
  • Advertising integration (such as with AdSense) 
  • Photo gallery 
  • Ecommerce: shopping carts, catalogs, payment processing 
  • Metrics: custom reports, Google analytics, etc. 
  • SEO: page optimization, submission to search engines, etc. 
  • Social media: Twitter, Facebook, etc.


During our first consultation, I will help you decide what your online needs are and what add-ons will work best for you.  Contact Jessie for pricing and what works for your budget.