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This page is dedicated to resources, hacks, and products to make your life flow a little smoother, save some energy, be a handy helper in your everyday life, and give you some more available time! Maybe enough time for coffee with a friend or even a nap to recharge. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

How about a blog to share? I would love to read about your world and your interest.

Would you like to join my sharing tribe? Contact me today!

My Current Favorite

FOR WRITERS: Resources, Hacks, Workshops, and Even needed vacations.

Life Resources for Writers The Ultimate Writing Productivity Resources 

Kona Writers Facebook Page- Information and to ‘like’ the page

FOR READERS:  Good resources and suggestions

Pinterest shows some visually inspiring places to read.

MUST READ BLOGS: Blogs I enjoy regularly.

Marketing Genius! Do Good Workthings-i-heart-123009-610x485

Life Coach, Martha Beck  Creating Your Right Life Blog

Uncluttered! Daily Tips


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